The Same Baby That Doctors Wanted to Abort Has Something to Say—And It’s AWESOME!

Born without the majority of his skull and brain, this miracle baby is now capturing the heart of millions–AND he’s saying “Hello” to his supporters for the first time in this adorable video!

Jaxon was born with a rare brain disorder known as microhydranencephaly, a condition affecting 1 in 4,859 newborns. Most never make it through pregnancy, so immediately upon discovering the condition, doctors instructed his parents to abort.

But as devout Christians, Brandon and Brittany Buell refused to take his chance at life into their own hands. “We went home that night thinking if you are telling us to abort, we would never know what Jaxon could have been, if he could have survived. Who are we to decide? We were given a child, we are given a chance and we have to be his voice,” said Brandon.

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Now baby Jaxon, known on social media as Jaxon Strong, has not only made it passed pregnancy but has defied all odds by making it to his 1st birthday. Over 128,000 Facebook supporters have liked his page in support of his inspiring fight for life.

As his development is very delayed, Jaxon is still in need of closely monitored care, but he has continued to blow the minds of the medical community by achieving amazing milestones—with reaching birthday #1 being the biggest yet!

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His family says, “His perseverance and strength already shown is why we are calling his inspirational story ‘Jaxon Strong.’”

Both parents have actually abandoned their careers for a calling that they find much more pressing—caring for their son around the clock. Despite the expensive medical bills, the Buells know that they have made the right decision as they trust God for provision.

If you’d like to help out, they’ve started a crowdfunding page that you can visit here. So far, nearly $70,000 has been raised by 1,595 donors, and the support has continued to flow in from inspired hearts around the world.

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The Buells knew from day 1 this would be an uphill battle, but they haven’t regretted it for a moment. According to his Daddy, “We did everything we could to give him a fighting chance and all he’s done since being born is fight right back.”

They want nothing more than for their son to live a long, happy life and for his story to be known. The Buells know his battle is for a purpose and his struggle will not be in vain. He is a fighter whose very existence on this earth was designed to inspire.

So join the fight and share the story of this warrior spirit.

Long live #JaxonStrong.

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