Say WHAAA??! Chick-Fil-A Opens on SUNDAY for the Best Reason Ever!

We all know Chick-fil-A is famous for its strict Sunday closure policy.

Unfortunately, I know it all too well, as my subconscious is apparently wired to crave a delightful deluxe #1 with some fresh waffle fries as soon as the church bells start ringing. It’s like my body knows I’m not allowed to have it, so it just wants to be a jerk.

But my personal struggles are beside the point. The real story here is that some Texas Chick-fil-A locations decided to do something incredible for those whose homes were destroyed by tornadoes over the weekend.

They called in employees and turned on the cookers for the emergency responders and those affected by the deadly aftermath of the storms to make sure that they received proper nourishment amidst the chaos.


The tornadoes ravaged property, destroyed countless possessions, and claimed at least 11 lives. Amidst the horrific tragedy, the Christian-owned chain found a noble reason to trump its company policy.

Of course it’s important to keep holy the Sabbath Day, and I surely commend Chick-fil-A for doing so (though my growling tummy may disagree), but it’s pretty amazing that when the situation called for it, they chose to honor a greater commandment: loving thy neighbor as thyself.

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Now that’s just one more reason to #EatMoreChikin…even if it is only 6 days a week.