School Bus With 50 Kids Was Heading Straight for a Ditch —Then He Sees Where the Bus Driver Is…

Cory Lewis has grown up around school buses all his life, and not just because he rides them. Him mom, Lisa Locklear, has been a school bus driver for over two decades.

Locklear has shown her son the ropes of bus driving with her daily security checks, but she never knew that passing on this knowledge would one day save more than 50 lives.

Back in December, the 14-year-old got on a bus that he does not normally take when a car crashed into the back of it.

As he quickly surveyed his surroundings, Cory immediately noticed a critical detail: the bus driver seat was empty. The driver had fallen unconscious on the ground.

“I noticed the bus driver wasn’t in her seat, I got up from off the ground, I went up here and I hit the brake,” said Cory.


The bus came to a complete halt, barely missing the tree-lined ditch it was heading straight for. With one swift foot stroke, Cory saved the lives of over 50 students that day. Neither the bus driver nor any of the students were harmed.

Cory has been hailed a local hero by his mom, the community and the students who he gave a second chance at life.

He attributes his instantaneous reaction to instinct, but his mother has a different explanation for this absolute miracle.

“I just feel in my heart that God put him on that bus for a reason,” said Locklear. “Cory is my little hero. He is my little hero.”

God was the only explanation. That was not his usual ride home. By all realistic standards, her son wasn’t even supposed to be on that bus.

“It makes me feel good within myself that all that I’ve taught him is not in vain,” she added.

And it certainly was not. We never know when that seemingly useless knowledge we pick up throughout our lives can come into play in the most astounding way.

Without a doubt, Jesus took the wheel as Cory hit the brake…and him ending up on that bus that day was no mistake.

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