What This 3-Year-Old Does in Front of a Guitar Is the Stuff of Rock and Roll Legends

Remember the Jack Black movie School of Rock? You know, Dewey Finn is a washed up rock star wannabe who gets kicked out of his band, needs some money, so he poses as a substitute music teacher.

Oh, and along the way he finds out he loves more than just rock-n-roll, he loves kids too! So sweet, right?


Well, aside from the fact that he lied to his roommate, a room full of kids, an entire school and a truckload of parents—which in real life would’ve put him in jail. But, hey, it’s the movies!

But I digress…

Matthew Canning, on the other hand, is a real-life school of rock dad whose classic guitar jams are turning his princess-like daughter into a rock-n-roll queen. And it’s the cutest thing ever.

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In this two-minute video, Matthew’s three-year-old daughter names a long list of rock tunes like ‘Dancing Days,’ Immigrant Song,’ and ‘Black Dog,’ just by listening to a few simple chords. It’s amazing and adorable at the same stinkin’ time. So good!

For all the classic-rock-loving fathers out there, this is for you!