Boys Say They’re Not Asking Special Ed Girls to Homecoming “Out of Pity”—Then They Storm the Classroom With These Signs


If there’s anything that causes some unspoken anxiety in high school, it isn’t the homework load or college essays. It’s simply anticipating whether or not you’ll be asked to the homecoming dance.

Not everyone gets asked to the dance, but a certain group of girls tends to get overlooked more than others—the girls in the special education classes.

But this year, all of that changed when a few of Dan Bowen’s senior leadership students came to him with an idea.

They asked the teacher if he thought it would be appropriate for them to ask the girls from the special ed class to homecoming.

“They made it clear to me that, in their words, it ‘wasn’t out of pity’ that they would invite these girls,” Dan says. “They just wanted to ask a girl to Homecoming who may not have otherwise been asked.”

The boys wanted Mr. Bowen to check with the special ed teachers as well as the parents of each of the girls—all of which were excited about the boys’ plan.

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When the day came for their homecoming “proposal,” the girls were completely taken by surprise!

One of the parents followed up saying that when the day of the dance arrived, the boys all showed up for the homecoming party beforehand, and drove each of the girls to the dance!

Of his students, Dan says he has the privilege of working with some of the finest.

“Negative comments are often made about this generation and ‘teens today’ but I have the good fortune of regularly seeing the best of what today’s high school students have to offer.”

All the praise for these high school seniors! Share their heart for these girls with your friends today!

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