This Teacher Gets Set on Fire for His Kids, but It’s What He Does for His Son That Is Going Viral!!!

Jeffrey Wright doesn’t allow sleepers in his classroom, not in a I’ll-discipline-you-if-you-fall-asleep kind of way but more of a my-class-is-so-awesome-you-don’t-want-to-miss-it kind of way. Some days kids are setting him on fire, others they’re hammering a brick on his chest. I’m pretty sure if you filmed his class that every video would go viral. He always finds a way to teach science in a way that you’ll never forget, even if you wanted to. He listens, he cares, he understands that these kids live a life that’s much bigger than the 6 hours they spend at school. What most people don’t realize is that his compassion goes beyond the classroom and into his own family.

He has two kids, a daughter, Abby, and a son, Adam. He was so excited to find out that his wife was pregnant with a son. He couldn’t wait to take his kid to football games and watch him hit his first home run. Only problem was, Adam was born blind with a disease called Joubert Syndrome, a disease so rare that only 417 people in the world have it. Not only does Mr. Wright understand science but he also understands the overlooked miracle of being able to do something as simple as sitting down. He’s teaching his kids so much more than science, he’s teaching love and he’s using his own life to do it and it’s that message of life that is going viral and changing the world.