She Just Blew the Doors Off Down Syndrome Statistics with This Epic John Legend Cover

“Very few people with down syndrome will ever be able to sing,” according to Down Syndrome Education International. Well, 12-year-old Madison Tevlin is one of those mighty few.

She must use twice the standard vocal energy (or microvolts) to speak, so singing proves to be an even bigger hurdle. But this John-Legend-loving girl defies the statistical odds as she sings a touching version of “All Of Me” with her own personal twist. She picked this song in particular to express her feelings on unconditional love.

“I want to inspire,” she says.

Difficulty with short-term memory is also one of the common effects of down syndrome, but that didn’t stop Madison from memorizing all 348 words of this song. She even had a sinus infection during the recording, but not wanting to let anyone down, she went on with the show! Madison refuses to let any challenges get in the way of her big dreams.

And delivering this personality-packed performance to you was one of hers…

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