She Was Given a 20% Chance to Live—But Then She Spots Something the Doctors DIDN’T…

Two years ago, Jennifer MacDonald of Mexico City was admitted to the hospital for severe respiratory problems.

During her treatment for a serious lung disease, Jennifer also had a stroke that required a chunk of her skull to be taken out to stop the bleeding.

Since the stroke, doctors have given her the devastating news of having a mere 20% chance to live. Hooked on oxygen around the clock, she had been helplessly hanging on to the 1 in 5 chance that she might make it.

However, a recent brain scan image has given Jennifer a new ray of hope in a way that she never would’ve expected.

As her and her husband Tamaha were sifting through the stack of X-rays and scans, one stopped them dead in their tracks.

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In the middle of one of her brain scans lay a clear image of Jesus:

Jesus brain scan

“We were both convinced we could see a face,” Tamaha told the Marlborough Express. “The image represents a miracle.”

To both Jennifer and Tamaha, the resemblance was simply undeniable, though doctors have tried to say the couple is merely a victim of pareidolia, which is essentially the “imagined perception of a pattern” where one truly does not exist.

But the MacDonalds refuse to let the opinions of modern medicine steal their miracle.

As they traveled to the U.S for Jennifer to get a double lung transplant, they hold on to the hope that the Jesus who plainly revealed himself in the center of her struggle will also shatter her 1-in-5 statistic—because that’s just the kind of Savior He is.

brain and jesus

Can you see it?

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