She Woke Up on a Bench Not Knowing What Happened—Then She Finds This Note Clutched In Her Hand

Can you fathom waking up in a strange place completely disoriented—and having NO clue how you got there? I can’t even imagine the endless list of fears that would be racing through my mind.

But that’s exactly what happened to 27-year-old Ellie Farnfield just a few months ago when an unprovoked seizure rendered her completely unconscious on a train. Since she had never suffered from seizures in the past, it was something that totally caught her off guard.

When she finally came to, she noticed that she was holding a small note that gave her an unexplainable sense of peace and comfort.

note train

The note reads,

“Hi Eleanor. I hope by the time you read this you are feeling better. You had a seizure on the train and I took you off. You didn’t hit your head, but I may have hurt your leg as I walked on it before realizing you were on the floor having a fit! Sorry! I’m also sorry I can’t stay with you now, but here is a coffee to perk you up later and £10 to make sure you get a taxi home. Sorry I don’t have anymore money, so I hope you don’t live far away. I’ve contacted people from your phone and medical help is on its way and you’re with train staff. Wishing you all the best and a quick recovery. Love Tom.”

Ellie was beyond moved by the selfless act of kindness from a complete stranger. According to a report by KFOR News Channel 4, Tom attempted contacting 14 people in Ellie’s phone list and then made the train staff aware of her critical condition.

The fitness instructor told MailOnline,

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“I was very confused. Then I saw the note and the money and felt quite emotional – it was such a thoughtful thing to do. Anything could have happened. I could have hit my head, fallen off the train, been there for a long time. I just want to thank Tom for his help. I’d tell him: ‘You’re a star and I really, really appreciate it.’

I’d also like to return the money. There is something really lovely about the kindness of a stranger.

If I meet him, drinks are on me.”


The young woman has now started a social media search to #FindTrainTom, but thus far the mysterious hero has not turned up.

Where many people would have taken advantage of a young woman in distress, I love that this man instead decided to go above and beyond to care for her, without taking an ounce of credit. Ellie’s inspiring story makes me so grateful for angels in disguise like Tom. 🙂

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