She’s Covering Herself in Tattoos and Pays for Them With Smiles

Sometimes, kindness can be found in the most unlikely of places. For Suzie, kindness came in the form of a warm-hearted tattoo artist named Jason Ward. 

Jason works at Muscle and Ink tattoo parlor in New Zealand, where Suzie visits him every Friday, rain or shine. When Suzie lifts up her sleeve, she reveals that her arm is covered in colorful images. But she’s no ordinary regular, and those are no ordinary tattoos. 

Suzie has Down Syndrome, and the tattoos are only temporary. But to Suzie, they’re a sign of a very real friendship. 

Every Friday, Jason applies a new stick-on tattoo for Suzie. He never charges her for his “work.” Her smiles are payment enough. 

Jason treats Suzie with the same respect as he would any client. Suzie says Jason makes her feel “equal.” 

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“Someone at Suzie’s care facility has a ta moko tattoo all up their arm,” Jason says. “Apparently she goes back there on a Friday afternoon and compares them!” 

Their story is proof that kindness looks good on everyone. 


As gentle giant Jason recalls:

“The first time she came in, she walked up to the desk, put her things on the desk, and said ‘put these on my arm’!”