Single & Pregnant, She Was Ready to Abort—Then God Showed Her What the Nurses Were Hiding…

Before Jill found herself in the middle of an abortion clinic, she really thought she was on a good path.

She was engaged to the man that she planned to spend the rest of her life with, and she couldn’t wait to get their happily ever after started. But her idea of the fairy tale wedding and the white picket fence ended when her groom left her standing solo at the altar. He never even showed up.

Though she was completely wrecked, it can be tough to break an emotional bond with someone you love, even after they’ve made it clear that they don’t feel the same way about you.

She got involved with her ex-fiancé again even after the relationship was over, and soon Jill found out she was pregnant.

Her ex’s immediate recommendation was to get an abortion. He did not want her baby. Though Jill was hesitant, she followed suit with his wishes. He had an indescribable pull over her that she wasn’t proud of, but it was there nonetheless.

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As she arrived at the clinic, two pro-life women greeted her and begged Jill to consider keeping her baby. Her ex just pushed her through, but he couldn’t muffle the sound of their plea: “Please don’t kill your baby! Jesus loves your baby!”

Jill kept walking, but couldn’t shake their words.

As she entered the clinic, she noticed everything was very cold and impersonal. It was clear that they didn’t want to arouse any emotion about this “procedure” actually involving a living, breathing human.

She was asked two quick questions in their “counseling” session after which they showed her an “extremely clean” abortion procedure where they used stick figures, to again remove the human component.

They did an ultrasound, but according to protocol, Jill was not allowed to see it.

As she went to the front to pay for the procedure, Jill got a clear sign from God that her gut-feeling to get the heck out of there was dead on.

In plain sight, there was the picture of her baby boy. One of the staff members accidentally left the ultrasound on top of her file in open view.

Jill saw his head, his nose, and his legs & arms, that would soon form tiny fingers & toes. Suddenly she just knew she couldn’t go through with it. Jill told her ex-fiancé, “This is not right. I saw the baby, on the ultrasound. We must work this out; we must leave this place.”

But he firmly responded, “I can’t.”

As Jill changed into her gown and plopped down on the frigid metal operating table, she stared at the array of instruments that would be used to kill her baby. That’s when she was done just “going along” with this. She put her clothes back on and darted out of the abortion clinic.

She heard the staff yelling behind her, “Where will you go? What will you do?”

Jill had no clue, but she stuck by her guns as she replied, “I don’t know, but this, this I know is wrong!”

As Jill walked out the doors, she lightly heard a voice in her periphery recommend she go to a crisis pregnancy center. She went straight there and immediately knew she was in good hands when they greeted her saying, “Congratulations on becoming a mother! Congratulations on your motherhood!”

Jill gave birth to a beautiful baby boy name Nicholas Joseph.

She raised him by herself, but she knew she was never alone. She knew God’s hand was at work. It was then, and it is now.

Jill later visited the clinic to thank the angels in disguise that saved her baby that day. She’s even good friends with one of them.

And now, she has a powerful message for any other woman out there who may be considering abortion:

“Think back to when you were an innocent, invincible little girl – what were your hopes and dreams? Would that strong girl ever consider killing her baby? I know you planned on growing up and meeting the man of your dreams, falling in love, getting married, having a family, but God has a different plan for you now. Your dreams have been dashed, I know, but His plan for you now is to start that family: even if it is just you and this beautiful baby, everything will be just fine.”


Jill’s profound words are packed with so much Truth. It is the Gospel of Life—and no matter what, if we choose life, we win.

The details may seem messy, scary, intimidating, and even impossible—but that’s where we get to put God on the hook.

As stated in Matthew 6:26Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”

If God can bring your baby into this world, you better believe he can bring him/her and you through it. It doesn’t matter if you’re scared to be a bad mother. He’s a good, good Father. And that’s all any of us ever need.

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