Sometimes I Do My Best Parenting at Starbucks

I knew what my oldest son wanted. 

His actions spoke for him. He followed me around. He didn’t say much, just wouldn’t leave my side. If I left the room, he was close behind. So I finally said, “Do you need some alone time with me?” His face beamed. Do you want to go to Starbucks? (I have my boys trained that Starbucks is a treat for them as well as me. I know, I know – brilliant.)  

Soon we were sitting in the small café drinking warm coffee, hot chocolate and eating treats. Hechatted non-stop. He told me how he wished he was better at math. He told me how he loves basketball, but not playing it in gym class because no one knows how to play and it is total chaos. (Well, unless he has one particular gym teacher who is best at getting a proper basketball game going.) He talked about school and friends and his brothers. We then walked around Target to pick up a few things. We held hands. (Under the condition that if I saw any of his friends from school, I would let go of his hand. He then changed his mind, saying he thinks his friends in thirdgrade just might still hold their mom’s hand.)  

I love these kind of sacred moments tucked in between the stress and chaos of everyday life. I feel God in them. I feel God’s love as He transforms Starbucks and Target into magical places where I connect with my son. God reminds me that His love is so big that He filtrates even the smallest moments of life. He whispers to my heart… 

I am here.  Can you feel me? My love is here. It is in your everyday life. I love you through people. I love you through sunny days and a light breeze. I love you by surrounding you with my beautiful creation. I love you through small moments that seem insignificant, but put a smile on your face. I love you through good food and a place to go home to. I love you through joy, smiles and laughter.  I love you through giving you gifts and talents to share. I love you through goals accomplished and dreams to reach for. I love you through giving you hope. I love you because I created you. And I am always here. Let go of some of your stress and busyness. Look for me. Notice how I show up.Notice how I love you. 

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No, I do not always seize the moment. I get busy, tired, distracted, or crabby. But when I let myself be fully present in life’s small joys, when I connect with loved ones, notice every day blessings, when I pause…and look… 

I feel God’s love.

I am reminded that we don’t always have to do something spectacular or go someplace special to see God. He meets us right here in the ordinary.  Sometimes all we need to do is notice.

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Cheryl Elizabeth is a writer, mother, wife, and follower of Christ looking to bring joy to this world. You can read more of her awesome articles by clicking here

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