Rude Woman Snaps at Starbucks Barista for Not Having a Drink Carrier—1 Day Later, She Drops Off This Note

Working in retail or the restaurant industry has its perks and its problems. From my personal experience, it’s a great way to meet new people, make money and develop people skills. Of course it’s no secret that sometimes people just aren’t friendly, and unfortunately those hourly workers take the brunt of another’s bad day.

That’s what happened to Reddit user CircleAddict on Monday. The Starbucks drive-thru worker had a less-than positive encounter with a woman in her car.

It’s unfortunate how often bad attitudes come out of consumers, but this customer, later identified as Debbie, turned her bad attitude into an act of gratitude.

On Tuesday, she returned to the Starbucks where CircleAddict works, and gifted him with an unexpected apology.

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The card read:

Greetings Starbuck barista!

Yesterday at your drive thru we had a less than cheerful encounter. At no fault of yours, you were out of carriers and said you could not take my empty cup (trash). I was less than understanding and my manner was curt.

I need to apologize. The thought of leaving a trail of unkindness like that is not the path I want to reflect. Not for you, not for me.

You are a young man, clearly working hard to build a future and you should be commended. Keep up your attitude of cheer and hope. Stay hopeful no matter what kind of people cross your path (or drive thru 🙂 )

Surly, God has good blessing in store.

You taught this ole lady something yesterday about kindness, compassion and staying humble. 

I thank you! Debbie

God bless you today and all your todays.

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Included with the letter was a generous $50 bill.

“As someone who has also worked in retail and food service in the past, [this] made my shriveled, black heart pump blood again,” commented one Reddit user.

Though Debbie was initially very rude to Circle Addict, she recognized that her actions toward him were unkind and uncalled for. It’s a reminder that there are good people in this world—even the ones who don’t at first appear to be “good.”

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, but recognizing our shortcomings and mistakes is the first step to extending the kind of love that Jesus did. Cheers to Debbie for showing just that to this sweet Starbucks barista.

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