“I Kept Them All”: Stepdad Breaks Down After Daughter Frames Every Note He Left on Her Door

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Middle school can be a challenging time for adolescents as they swim the unfamiliarity of puberty and the increasing pressures that surface amidst their peer circles.

Aware of these daunting realities facing his stepdaughter Sophia Wilcox, Brian Sandusky decided to do something pretty amazing to make her feel special each day. He left an inspirational note on Sophia’s door every single day throughout middle school to encourage her and propel her through any uncertainties or challenges she may be facing.

What Brain DIDN’T know is that the now-20-year-old-college kid never let go of those little yellow sticky notes that became the highlight of her middle school mornings.

She saved Every. Last. One.

With Father’s Day being the perfect occasion to show her stepdad just how much she loves and appreciates him, Sophia presented Brian with a beautiful frame housing all of those handwritten notes surrounding a picture of them together.

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To say the unveiling of the middle school messages was emotional would be quite the understatement.

Sophia shared the touching moment Brian opened the unexpected gift on Twitter, writing, “During middle school, my stepdad used to leave me a note on my door each day to inspire me. well, I kept those notes & It’s been 6 years since then. Today I gave him those notes back.”

Brian’s awestruck reaction bore all the marks of a proud, appreciative papa as he softly said, “It’s all your notes.”

“Yeah, I kept them all,” replied Sophia.

Choked up by the priceless gift, he sat there in silence with his hand covering his mouth before quietly choking out, “Love you too. Thank you.”

And Brian wasn’t the only one fighting back the tears.

The video that has now amassed over 5.7 million views has evoked ALL THE EMOTIONS on Twitter.

“I don’t know if I’m crying harder at the fact that he wrote you all of those notes or at the fact that you kept them all,” wrote @chelsea_c7 followed by a [series] of sobbing emojis.

Many commenters shared her sentiments:

The video even tugged at the heartstrings of other fathers who were moved by the daily dedication and love Brian showed to his daughter over the years.

“As the dad of two amazing adult daughters–you are awesome,” wrote one dad named Rob. “That was just wonderful to see. Thanks! Loved the dog making sure he was ok, too.”

“He was so shocked when I gave it to him because he hadn’t known that I kept all the notes,” Sophia told the Press Association. “He told me later that he was beyond moved. He’s been in my life for about 10 years now. He’s a very supportive man and always tries to make me laugh, even on a bad day…He’s changed how I see the world and I’m very grateful for that.”

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