Steph Curry Won’t “Bash People Over the Head With a Bible”—but Here’s What He Will Do…

Steph Curry has been in the limelight quite a bit lately after setting several records with the Golden State Warriors and becoming the NBA’s first unanimously voted MVP.

Though this sharpshooter has been worshipped on the court for making a shut-eyed 3-pointer look easy, he’s always quick to redirect the credit to the proper source: God.

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Curry doesn’t hesitate to talk about his faith at all, but in a recent interview with FCA Magazine, he made it clear that he is more devoted to being a man of action:

I’m not a guy who’s going to be trying to bash people over the head with the Bible. I want people to know when they see me play that something is different, that I play for something different, and whether I’m talking about it [or not], I just hope by the way I carry myself and by the way I play the game, they can see there’s something different about that guy. And they find out what it is and then they know. It’s part of who I am.

Though he may wear a phrase from Philippians 4:13 on his shoes (“I can do all things”), Curry is more concerned about living like Jesus than talking a big game about being a Christian.


As stated in Matthew 7:16, “You will know them by their fruits.”

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In a society where celebs tweeting a cool quote about God has become the latest trend, it’s nice to see a public figure point us back to what really matters as a Christ follower: bearing fruit from our faith. Walking out our lives in such a way that people see Jesus in us before we even speak a word.

Instagram: Steph Curry

Curry elaborated on the ways he hopes to glorify God through the talents he has been given:

I’ve always been a believer that the Lord has put whatever talent in you, [and] whatever gift He has put in you, He wants you to get the most out of that. He wants you to succeed; He wants you to pursue and work and be passionate about it. It’s not about getting any of the glory for yourself; it’s all for His [glory]. That’s where you have to keep perspective. Work at it and do all you can so you get the most out of yourself, but do it for His will.

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