This Stranger Walked Into McDonald’s and Spent $3,300 on a Life-Changing Order

After a mystery man in Fort Worth, Texas, was recently diagnosed with cancer, he realized that life is too short not to spread kindness.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, visited his favorite McDonald’s location, where he is a regular. He noticed a gal who also frequents the restaurant, sitting alone crying. That’s when he approached her and asked about what was going on.

It turns out that she’d been going through a tough time—something the mystery man could relate to having just been diagnosed with cancer. They talked a while before he stood up and went straight to the counter.

He approached the register, as though he was planning to order food. But as he began speaking with the cashier, he didn’t order anything at all. Instead, he handed each of the employees a $100 bill. One employee is heard screaming, “Oh my God!” as she realizes what’s happening. Their reaction was priceless! Each one smiling from ear-to-ear and squeezing him tight with a big hug.

His insanely generous act was caught on camera, and quickly went viral.

The man blessed every single one of the 33 employees at that McDonald’s with a $100 bill that day—even those who weren’t working!

Later that week, he went and did something similar at a local waffle house, proving that an unexpected and simple act of kindness can transform someone’s day.

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Man Hands Out Cash At Fort Worth McDonaldsRANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS: A mystery man made a lot of people’s day by giving them $100 out of the blue at a Fort Worth McDonalds.

Posted by CBS DFW on Friday, November 11, 2016

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