Strangers Help 8-Year-Old Girl Celebrate Birthday After She Loses Her Mom to Brain Cancer

strangers helped an 8-year-old celebrate birthday

Strangers Helped an 8-Year-Old Celebrate at Her Birthday Party

Chloe posted her plea with parents to go to kids’ birthday parties, and nearly 10 million people ended up watching, as of today. And the response from strangers was incredible, with more than 33,000 comments and more than 2 million likes.

People came together in compassion, and strangers helped an 8-year-old in surprising and creative ways.

Chloe shared, “This was the first time I saw people put action behind their empathy. The overwhelming support made me feel like not just a face online, but that I mattered, and my story mattered to people.”

Chloe talks about some of the ways strangers helped an 8-year-old celebrate here:


Removed at 3 mil views 🥺💔 thank you cindy, libby, taylor, abby and nikki plus anyone else who made this magical day possible. You changed pur lives ♥️ #birthdayparty

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According to Chloe, strangers came and made her balloon arch that she had been wanting to make. Others came to decorate the sisters’ home for hours before Charlotte arrived.

One family brought their horse, Ms. Gracie, from Mississippi so that the party attendees could pet and ride it.

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A group of Jeep owners called Mid-South Jeeps arranged a parade, and each car stopped to cheer for Charlotte and give her a gift.

Chloe explained there was, “more than 30 Jeeps, each giving Charlotte a gift, or blaring ‘happy birthday’ music…throwing rubber duckies. She even got a personalized Jeep of her own.”

Complete strangers contacted Chloe, asking what they could get Charlotte for her birthday, and many kids came to the party.

The kids had some time to play in the water outside, and a place called Caden’s Critters brought live reptiles for the kids to interact with.

“My husband and I were in tears,” Chloe explained.

Charlotte was so surprised by the extravagant birthday party; she couldn’t even believe it.

She asked her sister, Chloe, “Is this all for me?”

As Chloe describes Charlotte’s response, “She was absolutely blown away.”

“We had never experienced such a beautiful spectacle before,” said Chloe.

Have you ever seen a great outpouring of love from strangers? If so, share below!

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