Superheroes Flew into This Children’s Medical Center—And You’ve Gotta See the Villain They Catch for These Kids!!

These superheroes flew into Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin, Texas to save the day!


Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Spiderman, Batman and more unified in one cancer-kicking effort to capture the Joker who stole the kids’ ice cream and stuffed ponies.

They even mocked up a “Wanted” poster of the infamous villain.


The pediatric patients had a blast as they watched their favorite comic book heroes come to life and to their rescue while they plotted to stop the evil villain.

They climbed up the buildings and swung from ropes in front of their windows as the kiddos waved in utter amazement!

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Though the health outlook for many of them is bleak, this real-life comic book display was more than enough to stow their worries away for the day as they cheered at the victory.


When Batman’s got your back, you can worry about cancer another day. 🙂

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