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Oklahoma Softball Players: ‘Our Life Is in Christ, and That’s All That Matters’

After winning game 2 of the College World Series last night (June 8) against Florida State, the Oklahoma women's softball team has completed a historic three-peat. But despite the team’s dominance and a 53-game winning streak, on-field victories aren’t the priority for the Oklahoma softball players or their coach.

‘You Are Made in the Image of God’—Valedictorian’s Faith-Filled Graduation Speech Goes Viral for All the Right Reasons

A South Carolina high school valedictorian is going viral for her very faith-based graduation speech following a devastating tragedy.

“A Boy at School Punched My Daughter in the Face. Hard. What on Earth Are We Teaching Our Girls?”

"A boy at school punched my daughter in the face. HARD. And yes, I have pictures..."

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Broke Mom Tells Son “God Isn’t Going to Drop Money on Our Door Step”—Then He Says What God Told Him…

I said, 'God isn't going to drop money on our door step so you two can get ice cream. He's BUSY right now with natural disasters.'

Dear Mom, on My First Mother’s Day Without You

"Oh momma, how could we have known that in only six short months from that day you surrendered to Jesus, you would be standing in His very presence worshiping around the Throne?"

WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Front-Runner Throws Final Round to Let Fellow Veteran Win

This military vet takes "service over self" to heart.

To the Religious Teacher Who Cut Me From Dance Team for “Body Mutilation” for One Small Tattoo

The thing is I didn’t know Jesus as a friend at that point and time in my life, but the picture I was getting would lead me to believe I wasn’t really made to be a part of that whole religious business anyway.

Mom Uncovers Pedophile Ring That Instagram Refuses to Shut Down & Your Kid Could Be In It

"I quickly and easily found pages on Instagram that have links to go off to a secure web cam. I found 5 sites just 2 clicks into the people that ‘liked’ my son’s picture! Over 100 of my friends went to the account and blocked him or reported it as child pornography. They all received a message saying, 'This does not go against community guidelines.'"

90 Success Quotes to Help You Live Your Best Life 

Our friends at Bestow found 90 of the most inspiring quotes about success in your career, family, love life, faith, and just how to live your best life in general.

25 Max Lucado Quotes That’ll Encourage and Inspire You In Your Faith

25 Amazing Max Lucado Quotes to Encourage You Don’t see your struggle as an interruption to life but as preparation for life.- Max Lucado ...

Mom Watches Son Get Murdered at Graduation—When She Gets a Flashback to 18 Years Earlier, the Truth Hits Her

The same hooded figure had been following him for 18 years. The truth finally hit her like a ton of bricks...