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Brave 13-Year-Old Girl Rescued from Kidnapper After Writing “Help Me” Sign Outside of Laundromat

A 13-year-old Texas girl helped bring about an end to her own terrifying kidnapping with quick thinking and resourcefulness.

Dad Kidnaps 4-Yr-Old Daughter—Then a Text Message Tricks Him Into Getting “Pizza” Delivered

"The police had been trying to find her since May and within two days I got his exact location. I spend my life on the Internet but little did I know that talking to random people would lead to me finding this little girl."

Mom of 4-Yr-Old Targeted by “Virtual Kidnapping” Scam Warns Parents What to Look For

"At first I thought it was a wrong number. But my chest was tight. I was afraid, and I thought maybe something had happened to my daughter. But the number threw me off. It wasn’t my daughter’s school."