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A Word From the Lord for the New Year

As you seek the Lord in conversation and relationship you will feel more comfortable to place your trust in Him.

To Those Who Already Gave Up in January: 10 Resolutions We Can Actually Keep

"January is almost half over, and if I look at my list of usual resolutions, they’re almost all broken to pieces..."

“It’s My Year to Survive”: Mom Gets Honest About Her All-Too-Relatable 2021 Resolution

"This is my year to sleep when I can. To give myself grace, always. To embrace the mess. Some years aren’t meant to be record-breaking. Some years are meant to survive."

How to Claim God’s Best for You This Year

"Do you ever feel like God brings a dream to your heart, gives you a desire, or speaks a special plan into your life, but then for whatever reason it just falls away?"