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Chick-fil-A Summer Skills Camp Stirs Up Controversy With People Calling it “Child Labor”

A Chick-fil-A Summer Camp has sparked a lively debate about teaching children life skills through blue collar jobs. While some view it as an innovative educational opportunity, others see it as a controversial initiative that treads close to child labor.

10 Team USA Athletes to Watch in the 2024 Olympic Games

Here are 10 standout athletes to watch as the 2024 Olympic games draw near, each bringing their unique talents and stories to the grand stage.

12-Year-Old Girl Dies by Suicide After Being Relentlessly Bullied and Harassed at School

After facing relentless bullying and harassment over the past school year, 12-year-old Flora Martinez ended her life on May 7. Now, her parents are demanding change from schools and administrators after the bullying persisted, even once she was gone.

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To the Nurses Who Delivered My Stillborn Daughter

"I'm not sure I would have lived to see my daughter..."

“They All Died. If You Came Into the ICU, You Left in a Bag”: Brokenhearted Nurse Suffers PTSD After Pandemic

"If you see a nurse friend with a distant, haunted look... try and understand why."

“I Didn’t See Cards in the Nurse’s Hand During My Epidural. I Didn’t Hear ‘Go Fish’ as I Delivered My Child”

"You know what I do recall? The nurse that stood in the bathroom with me and gave me a shower after my C-section. The nurse that was on the helicopter with my Mom the day she died and said she made sure she held her hand because even after she passed she didn't want her to be alone."

What God Would Say to Nurses

"My vocation, my skill, my calling, that thing that I’m good at will no longer be a thing... that kind of makes my job as a nurse obsolete in the hereafter."

Why People Are Really Getting Sicker

I looked over at a physician I have worked closely with for over half a decade and asked, “do you think as a whole the patients are getting sicker?” It didn’t take him long to agree emphatically, “they sure are!”