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Pennsylvania Parents Drown After Getting Caught in Rip Current While Vacationing with Their Six Children

A Pennsylvania couple's family vacation in Hutchinson Island, Florida, turned into a heartbreaking tragedy when the parents drowned after being caught in a rip current.

Stanford University Dean Says “Over Parenting” Is Ruining Your Kids

It's an epidemic that's influencing an entire generation of children.

Lilly King Gets Engaged Poolside After Qualifying for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris

American swimmer Lilly King celebrated not just one, but two monumental achievements poolside Thursday night. After qualifying for the 2024 Summer Olympics, King was surprised with a romantic proposal from her boyfriend, James Wells.

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This Teen’s Obituary Is Going Viral—and We All Need to Read It to Our Kids

15-year-old Sadie Riggs' obituary is being used to spread a powerful message.

“Don’t Be an Idiot”: Man Writes Own Obituary With Viral Message—And You Need to Read It

"I was an idiot who made the same stupid decision, day-after-day, multiple times per day."

This 5-Year-Old Was Sick of Funerals Being Sad—So He Wrote His Own Obituary

"Why are funerals so sad? I’m going to have bouncy houses at mine."