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Why Do We Celebrate Anxiety?

We make funny memes about how the Holiday Season has us freaking out, and we laugh and laugh. Meanwhile our hearts are hurting. We end up on the other side of January wondering where the joy went, why it can’t be like it was when we were a child.

“God’s Timing Is Always Perfect”: NFL Player Carson Wentz On New Baby and New Contract

After signing a new contract with the Los Angeles Rams earlier in the week, Carson Wentz and wife Madison welcomed their third baby girl, Hayes Emersyn, on Friday November 10th.

Travis Kelce Wows Moms By Understanding Their “Mental Load”

Two-time Super Bowl champ and Kansas City Chiefs all-time leading receiver Travis Kelce, also known as Taylor Swift's boyfriend, is wowing women - specifically moms - for a new reason this week.

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Teen Girls’ TikTok Tics — Who’s Responsible for this Tourettes Epidemic?

Those in the younger generations seem to live on TikTok. Where else can they capture their opinions, best selves, and genuine honesty? While some...

8 Quick Tips To Make Money On TikTok And Become An Influencer

Anyone can earn money and become an influencer on TikTok. The only thing you need is the best content, a huge follower count who applauds your content, and great marketing tactics.

TikTok & WeChat to Be Banned in U.S. App Stores as of Sunday

TikTok says they will continue to fight the "unjust executive order" by the Trump Administration.

Not Just SnapChat: 6 More Dangerous Apps Parents Need to Know About

These new dangerous apps are super-popular, and super risky for your kids to be using.