Talk About Transparency in the Church, This One is Literally See Through!!!

From this angle this building looks just like any other church. You’ve got the steeple, the windows, and yep, there’s the door. Look at it from any other angle though and suddenly it becomes this beautiful piece of art!!!


This building is over 100 layers of steel stacked on top of each other. When looking at it from above, you’d never guess there were holes in the sides. However, when you move around the building, you see different openings through the walls!


I can’t imagine falling asleep during a message here when you are surrounded by such an amazing view!


Is it weird my mind instantly goes to where would the nursery be?


This would add a whole, awesome new element to a worship service. Singing ‘How Great Thou Art’ while watching the sunrise would really hit home!


Do they still have service during the winter? I’m guessing the cost of heating this place is through the roof…get it?


What a creative way to build a home for the created to gather.


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