Taylor Swift Just One-Upped This Cancer Fighter’s “Wildest Dreams” with the Best Surprise Ever!!

Taylor Swift just gave this little cancer fighter the night of her life by taking her backstage after a special show in her hometown.

6-year-old Taylor Rayburn suffers from a rare form of kidney cancer that she was diagnosed with in late April when doctors found a Stage 3 Wilm’s tumor. Taylor had to have surgery to remove one of her kidneys, which meant she had to spend her birthday in the hospital.

Because a hospital bed birthday is no birthday at all, Taylor’s Mom Allison wanted to do something extra special for her daughter. When she found out T-Swift was coming to town, she had the perfect surprise in store for the 6-year-old who idolizes the pop singer.

Little did Allson know, Taylor Swift would one-up little Taylor’s “Wildest Dreams” when she took her biggest fan backstage at the Atlanta show.

Allison ran into Taylor Swift’s mom, Andrea, in the audience. When Andrea heard the girl’s story, she wanted to bring mini-Taylor to meet her daughter. Taylor Swift’s mom is also battling cancer, so she had a heart for the little Taylor’s brave struggle.

A private birthday party with Taylor Swift?! Could it get any better? The memory of the best night of her life had the 6-year-old starstruck. Allison ecstatically announced on Facebook, “This is a night she will always remember!! She left saying, “I can’t tell if this is a dream or for real!”

Allison also captured a precious photo of the two cancer fighters jamming in the audience together.

Yes, they really do. Sometimes life hands us a rough deck of cards, but it’s moments like this that kick cancer in the butt and make the hard times worth it.

And this smiling, Taylor-squared duo is living proof!


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