Teacher Vows to Wear Same Outfit Every Day for a Year—And We’re Totally Loving Her for It!

At first glance, Faith Perry looks like any other teacher at Mohonasen High School, but students and teachers alike cannot believe what she wears to school.

She appears to be dressed professionally, in a floral blouse, black slacks and black shoes. So what’s so unbelievable about her outfit choice?

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 12.27.24 PM She wears the same outfit every day.

One day while teaching, Perry overheard one of her students being bullied. The teenage girl had worn the same outfit two days in a row, and her classmates were nearly prosecuting her for it.

Perry stepped in and put an end to the conversation, telling her students that there was nothing wrong with what the girl had done.

Then she took it a step further.

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The high school teacher bet her students that she could wear the same outfit for two weeks. After all, wearing clothing multiple days in a row is surely not a crime. In some countries like China, people wear the same clothes three or four days in a row.

Perry’s students didn’t believe she would do it.

That’s when she agreed to wear the same outfit for an entire year.

She kept her promise, and while some may see her actions a little bit silly, both students and teachers alike started doing the same thing to take a stand against bullying.

teacher outfit2

At first, she says other students and teachers didn’t seem to notice, but then the questions started and an anti-bullying movement formed in the high school.

Perry says she washes her outfit every night or every other night, then happily wears it each day. It’s almost like a uniform, with a BIG anti-bullying badge.

“Instead of teaching us about doing something, she is actually doing it,” says one of Perry’s students.

She plans on doing the same thing every year, but choosing a new outfit each year, until there isn’t anymore bullying in her school. How cool is that?!

“It’s important to be a professional, too, because that’s my job, but it’s more important about how I do my job, not what I am wearing,” Perry says.


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