Dad Takes Teen’s Phone Away, Then Slips Note Under Her Door That Has Twitter ROARING in Laughter

Navigating the teenage years is no easy task. You’ve got your daughter standing in front of you looking one part woman, the other part girl, and you can’t help but wonder where the time has gone.

Then she opens her mouth, and that’s a whole new minefield to navigate.

Fortunately, one “daddio” has figured something out when it comes to parenting. After taking his daughter’s phone away as punishment over the weekend, his response is earning ALL the praise!

Bailee was at her friend’s house when her friend’s dad grounded her from phone privileges and took it away.

Then this dad went completely savage on his teenage daughter, slipping a note under her bedroom door just minutes later.


Complete with text blurbs, time delivered stamps and even the T-mobile cellular bar across the top, “daddio” started a conversation with his daughter:

“Hi daughter. Hope you are behaving yourself. I love you.”

The next message “sent” was a heart emoji, followed by one of the greatest dad jokes of all time:

“Why are you not answering me?

Oh Wait…”

He even poked fun, ending his note with an emoji that appeared to be cry-laughing—just like the rest of us right now!!


Bailee posted the note on Twitter where it quickly went viral. She says even though her friend had just gotten in trouble, the dad’s joke made light of the situation and had them both cracking up!

Twitter had a heyday with the jokes, responding to the photo with tips about turning her read receipts on or writing back to “daddio” with a message that says “blocked.”

Another user even pointed out that the family has a solid Internet connection.

Bailee says the dad has learned about his note going viral on the 4th of July, but her friend hasn’t gotten her phone back yet.

Needless to say, “daddio,” you’re killing it at the parenting game!

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