Teen Locks Herself in Bathroom With 4-Yr-Old. When Mom Gets a Text, Her Heart Stops.

As a teenager, there’s literally no better way to make money in your spare time than babysitting around the neighborhood. Not only do you collect some major cash, but you experience a whole new level of adult-like independence.

Fourteen-year-old Savannah Jones was recently babysitting her 4-year-old niece, Zoyee.

It was about three in the afternoon when Savannah heard a knock at the door of her home in Montclair, California. The teen quietly looked through the peep-hole and did not recognize the stranger standing on her porch, so she didn’t answer.

It turned out that the man wasn’t just a stranger in pursuit of selling something to a homeowner. He was an intruder.

After Savannah didn’t open the door, the knocking turned into aggressive pounding. She could see the door knob shaking and starting to come lose. Savannah was alarmed, and jumped into action.

The babysitter scooped up her niece and quietly locked themselves in the master-bathroom, then panickily texted her mother what was happening. It wasn’t long before the pounding stopped, and Savannah knew the intruder was in the house.

She says she was more concerned about Zoyee’s safety than her own, but she couldn’t call 911, in fear that the intruder would hear her. Savannah was completely terrified, but she managed to keep Zoyee quiet as the man began rummaging around in the master bedroom. He was just a door away from the young girls.

“I felt like time was standing still,” said Savannah.

Through the text messages to her mother, help was on the way, and the police showed up, but not before the intruder was able to flee the scene.

Savannah’s sister—Zoyee’s mom—is calling her younger sister a hero. The 14-year-old’s experience is a lesson in stranger-danger-safety that teens and adults alike can learn from.

“When I do think about it, I do get kind of emotional, I guess, thinking about what could have happened and thinking that he was in the same room with us,” said the teen.

Kudos to this brave young babysitter for her quick thinking and courage in the face of danger to protect the little one in her care.

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