This Teen Model Is Blowing Up the Internet—And the Reason Why Is a Complete Inspiration

Meet Madeline Stuart. Maddy is a fun, smart, driven 18-year-old from Brisbane, Australia. Maddy has Down Syndrome. She’s also a model.


Maddy decided to take control of her health last year. She started eating well, working out and losing weight to be better at sports with friends and to help her heart condition. She and her mom took some glamour shots and posted them on Social Media. They hoped to create awareness of discrimination against disability and to celebrate Down Syndrome. They also hoped to use Social Media to find a modeling agency for Maddy. Since then she has been breaking barriers on beauty and disability.

FLT MODA announced on Facebook their excitement for Maddy to participate with them in New York Fashion Week. Go Maddy!


She is confident, beautiful and vivacious. It’s undeniable, she’s beautiful inside and out. Her confidence and passion has inspired many. She’s not just a runway model, she’s a role model.

Maddy’s mother, Rosanne shared, “People with Down syndrome can do anything, they just do it at their own pace. Give them a chance and you will be rewarded beyond your greatest expectations.”

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It’s not all about modeling for Maddy. While she loves it, she also knows it’s a vehicle to show others there is beauty in disability.


Maddy’s mom is her biggest cheerleader. She has encouraged her each step of the way. Rosanne has told Maddy every day “how amazing, funny, smart, beautiful, wonderful she is.”


Can you imagine the power of speaking life into each other? You can be a mirror for others. Don’t let a day go by without speaking truth into someone you love.



Photo by Erica Nichols.

Let’s cheer on Maddy as she changes “society’s perceptions of beauty – one photo shoot at a time.” Check out more on her modeling and mission here.


Photo by Erica Nichols.


Photo by Erica Nichols.


Photo by Erica Nichols.

Let’s help Maddy share this important message of beauty, value and disability. Share this article to show her you’re in her court! After all, it’s a message for everyone. Every person is valuable, beautiful and worth fighting for.


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