Teen, Cameron Cook, Thwarts Pervert Predator in Target From Harming Young Girl

cameron cook

From the sex trafficking scams in grocery stores to the the viral IKEA scam, it seems there’s hardly a week that goes by without another “stranger danger” story sweeping the web. But thankfully, for every child molesting pervert roaming the aisles of our local stores looking for a target, there’s a good-hearted young man like Cameron Cook, seeking to protect and defend our helpless young ones.

The 17-year-old was shopping with his mom in a Boston Target when he saw a man with what he described as a “demonic look on his face” target a young girl. The young girl didn’t seem to know the pervert, as Cameron Cook looked on.

Cameron Cook thwarted a pervert in Target store.

Cameron Cook’s mother, Heather, urged him to keep walking by the pervert, but his gut instinct sensed the man had a target and  he simply couldn’t just move on.

“I saw the guy grabbing himself, Cameron cook said, and my mom goes, ‘Cam let’s go, keep walking.’ I was like, no, something’s going on,” said Cameron Cook, determined to pry further into the situation and whether the girl was a target for the pervert.

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Without hesitation, the brave teen came up to the pervert stranger and asked if he knew the little girl whom he thought might be a target.

cameron cook

“Excuse me sir, do you know her?” he asked politely.

Startled, the man replied, “I’m not a pervert, I’m not a pervert.”

“I was like, ‘I didn’t ask you that sir,’” said Cameron Cook.

Once Heather caught wind of the potent smell of alcohol on the man’s breath, she too realized something was dead wrong.

“I was close enough that I could smell the liquor coming from his mouth,” said the alarmed mom. “It was horrible.”

Her son relentlessly questioned the man until he fled from the Target store, and video cameras were immediately handed over to police.

“He was big, and Cameron had no fear at all,” added Heather. “He just stood firm on the fact that he knew what this man was doing was wrong.”

It turns out, the girl’s mom was in the bathroom while the whole scenario panned out, and she’s exceedingly grateful that Cameron was there to look out for her daughter. If the teen didn’t follow his intuition, she may not be here today.

Cameron’s killer instinct and firm resolve to question a suspicious stranger ultimately could’ve saved this innocent girl’s life.

“I’m very proud of him, but it’s totally within his character,” said Heather of her son’s heroic act. “He is not afraid to do what’s right.”


But Cameron isn’t seeking praise for his good deed; he’s just glad he was able to help in a time of need.

“I’m just happy I was there to protect her,” he said. “Because you never know what could have went on.”

See more from Cameron’s inspiring story of bold courage in the CBS news interview below:

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