13-Yr-Old Writes Astronaut Dad a Love Note in the Desert—Then He Sees It From OUTER SPACE!

Thirteen-year-old Stephanie wanted to something special for her astronaut dad whom she missed like CRAZY. So she got 11 cars (even though she can’t drive) to drive all over a 59-million-square-foot desert in Nevada’s Delamar Dry Lake. That’s right: 59 millionletter2

She not only got the message to her dad loud and clear, but she also helped Hyundai set a world record for largest tire track image EVER!letter1

Here you can see her dad taking a picture of Stephanie’s letter. He was able to call and tell her that he saw it. So awesome.letter3

Check out the video behind the making of the world’s “largest tire track image” that landed Steph’s message in the Guinness Book of World Records! What a way to show your dad you love him to the moon and back!