New Program Lets Parents Read Kids’ Deleted Texts & Follow All Their Online Activity

In a day and age where technology is taking our kids by storm and there’s an app for everything but brushing your teeth, it’s a major concern for parents to know what their children are doing online.

From online predators and cyberbulling to sexting and Tinder dating, there’s a lot of temptation and potential dangers that this generation is being exposed to like never before.

That’s why a child safety website called TeenSafe has recently created a program that allows parents to monitor their children’s social media activity, geographic location, and all of their iPhone and Android text messages (even deleted ones).

TeenSafe also claims it has recently added a feature allowing you to view and block smartphone apps.


According to How Life Works, “TeenSafe doesn’t leave a trace on your child’s phone so you have the option to be as transparent with your monitoring as you want. TeenSafe works on both iPhone and Android devices, and doesn’t require ‘jailbreaking’ the phone, which can void the warranty.

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“Whether you’re giving your kid their first phone, or you’ve already encountered the negative impacts the Internet has on children, now you can be involved in your child’s online safety without being a helicopter parent.”

So far, the program has been adopted by over 1 million parents.

You can check out their website offering a free trial of the program to see if TeenSafe is right for you.

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