Tennis Match Stopped After Lost Little Girl Is Crying for Her Mom

Rafael Nadal has been dubbed the nicest guy in tennis for more reasons than one, but per his most recent act of kindness, he may have just claimed the title of the nicest guy in sports, period.

The Spaniard was playing with Simon Solbas in a doubles match against Carlos Moya and John McEnroe when he did something that is rarely ever seen in the world of professional sports.


As he positioned himself to serve, he heard a loud commotion in the crowd, and his eye was quickly drawn to a distraught mother who was crying out for her lost daughter. Rafael immediately stopped the match so the crowd could focus on reuniting her with her child.

The mother, security guards and strangers alike were all yelling “Clara” repeatedly as she frantically searched the crowd of thousands for her baby girl.


Shortly after, the little blonde-haired cutie was spotted, and kind strangers reached out their hands to console her as her mother scurried through the mass of people to get to her.

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The little one kept herself pretty collectedbut once her mama was in sight, out came the waterworks.


Mama scooped her up in her arms, and once again, all was right with the world. Every eye was on them as they walked back to their seats, sobbing in each other’s arms.


The emotional reunion struck every soul in the court. Even Rafael’s opponent, John McEnroe, couldn’t hold back the tears at the precious sight.


Clearly undaunted by the delay that would frustrate most athletes once they are “in the zone,” Rafael was captured smiling ear-to-ear, just happy that the crisis had been reconciled.


What a remarkable gesture from this kind-hearted man! Watch the beautiful moment unfold for yourself in the video below:


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