To “That” Family in the Pew

Today we were “that” family in the pew.

You know the ones. The family who gets there 10 minutes late only to leave 10 minutes early. The one who doesn’t even try to sit in the sanctuary but opts for the overflow chairs in the foyer.

The family whose row is scattered with Animal Cracker crumbs and strewn with baby wipes. The one that has the never ending “Mary Poppins” diaper bag overflowing with books and hot wheels cars; none of which their kids are remotely interested in, of course.

Today we were that family in the pew who was constantly hushing their kids and readjusting their uncomfortable church clothes as they fidgeted in their seats. The one whose toddler was doing the the downward dog pose for most of the prayer and announcement time, showing off her turquoise and pink flowered panties for the giggling passersby.

We were the parents of those kids in the pew today. The ones who were absolutely exhausted and hardly got to listen to any of the sermon. The ones who keep trying, week after week.

Yep, that was us at church today.

But then I looked over at my husband during the songs. His tired eyes were closed, his heart was quiet, and his hands raised in worship. And then I looked down at my middle daughter, standing next to my husband, her hands raised in the air, peeking at her daddy out of the corner of one eye. And then I looked at my oldest daughter in front of us, dancing and singing to the music; a huge smile on her face.

And then I looked down at my son…the smallest of the next generation of the Church. And as I watched him playing on the floor, my daughter dancing in front of us, and my middle daughter imitating her daddy, I was reminded WHY we bring them to church. Week after tiring week. Some Sundays it doesn’t seem worth it. Some Sundays I wonder, “What is the point?”

But stand tall and strong mamas and papas in the pew. Because not only will your children see and learn from you on Sundays, but they will see you live it out during the week at home. They will see that a relationship with Jesus isn’t just going to church on Sundays, but that it changes your Monday through Saturdays, too. But it starts on Sundays. So keep going and keep being “that” family in the pew.

Lauren Eberspacher
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Lauren is a city girl turned farm wife. She stays at home with her three small children and is the author of the blog "From Blacktop to Dirt Road" where she writes about faith, farm and old-fashioned home making.