The Best Compilation of Kids Falling Asleep You’ll Ever See

The Nose Dive

Sometimes a soft landing is all that’s needed.

The Slow & Easy

Soft cheeks are like a built in face pillow for sleeping on the go.

The Head Banger

Falling asleep with good friends is always better.

The Just in Case

Because it’s been a loooong day.


The I Know I Came Over Here for Something

For some of us, nap time can strike at any moment.

The Happy & Out

Quick and easy.

The Easy Rider

Really, who hasn’t fallen asleep on the train?


The Angel Wing

It could be performance art, or it could just be a nap.


The Daredevil

Because even in his sleep he’s doing things he shouldn’t do.


 The I’ll Just Chew When I Wake Up

Sometimes the last bite is the hardest to swallow.

The Windy Flagpole

Luckily his skis keep him grounded.