“Destinies Will Come Out of This Film”: New Pro-Life Film Sends Gripping Message About Abortion

the love you're looking for

Every thirty seconds, an unborn child is murdered in the womb. That unsettling statistic translates into 120 abortions per hour, 2,899 per day, and 1.058 million per year—and that’s in the United States alone.

Abortion is a heinous crime running rampant in our culture under the guise of “women’s rights” and “female empowerment.”

With abortion advocates branding invaluable, intricately-formed human lives as “just a cluster of cells” and pro-choice celebrities like Alyssa Milano announcing that her life would be “robbed of all its great joys” if not for her abortions, it’s no wonder much of society has fallen prey to that lie.

But Messenger International is on a mission to shed light on the rarely publicized heartache, destruction, and life-long implications associated with the evils of abortion. A short film by Messenger Studios entitled “The Love You’re Looking For” chronicles the inspiring life journey of a single mother and her son. Throughout the duration of the film, the son is a constant source of encouragement, light, and joy to his proud mama with whom he shares an unspeakable bond. However, a dark, ominous threat in the form of a hooded figure can be seen looming over the boy at every turn throughout his childhood, igniting a clear death-gripping fear in his mother.

The story comes to a climactic peak at the son’s graduation when the boy is murdered by the anonymous attacker whose identity is finally revealed in a shocking twist of fate.

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The grand reveal will leave your cheeks tear-streaked and your heart in your throat:

While the film only took about 15 minutes to write, it conveys a message that its creator, Alec Bevere, has had on his heart for years. With a stroke of storytelling genius, “The Love You’re Looking For” seamlessly drives home the message that not only is “choosing life” the answer, but also that “abortion” is not the end.

There is hope, forgiveness, and a promising future available to those women who may believe they’ve committed the unpardonable sin.

“We had this realization of how important it was to pray over this film and the realization that not only lives would be saved from this, but lives would be born–that destinies would come out of the film,” said Alec, hopeful for film’s capacity to encourage and empower women.

“It’s really an invitation for women who find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy to understand that there’s love,” his mom, speaker and author, Lisa Bevere, added. “That child may be the very love you’re looking for, so be brave. Be courageous. God has this incredible victory on the other side of redemption.”

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