The NFL Said He Couldn’t Wear Pink after He Lost His Mom to Breast Cancer—So He Did THIS Instead

We all know tough guys wear pink—but DeAngelo Williams has taken this to the next level.

The NFL running back is known for going all out for breast cancer awareness month.

He’s even dyed his hair pink and painted his nails to match, but when he asked the NFL if he could continue to wear pink when October was over, his request was met with firm denial.

Both his mother and four aunts died of breast cancer, so the cause hits particularly close to home for Williams. He told ESPN that he felt frustrated by the phone call telling him he could no longer display his support on the field after October 31st.

To him, just one month wasn’t enough to redeem what breast cancer had stolen from his family.

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But he wouldn’t let that stop his fight. Though he couldn’t wear pink in November, he decided to fund mammograms for 53 women through his foundation.

The Facebook fans of his foundation are rallying behind him with amazing support. They’re saying, “If the NFL won’t allow De’Angelo Williams to wear pink all season to honor his mom, then we will. #weareallinthistogether.”

He started the program last year in Charlotte, North Carolina. It started with just two screening centers, but now he’s expanding to Tennessee and Pennsylvania.

Williams wanted to honor his mother with the mammograms as he elaborated in his heartfelt post on Twitter:

The NFL can take away the pink, but they can’t take away his heart…and breast cancer will forever be close to his.

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