These Teens Loaded Up on 100 McDoubles & Just Did the Most Beautiful Thing on Hollywood Boulevard

These California teenagers made an anything-but-typical McDonald’s stop this week. The pair loaded up on 100 McDoubles, and not because they were extra hungry.

Lance Stewart and Adin Kolansky saw hundreds of homeless people on their nightly runs down Hollywood Boulevard…so instead of just running past the problem one more time, they decided to do something about it.

“I always wish I could help them,” 18-year-old Lance told the Daily News.

They captured the homeless people’s reactions as they handed out what might as well have been a bag of gold to them.

And they didn’t stop there. After they ran out of burgers, the teens stopped by a local grocery store and spent another $100 on Pop Tarts, Lunchables, and bottled water.

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The touching video has amassed nearly 10 million views in a week, and they’re encouraging others to spread the love as well by sharing their video.

Who knew a little McDonald’s could mean so much? So far the beautiful deed has been shared nearly 200,000 times. And now it’s our turn to help spread their McLovin’ across the web. 🙂