They Dissed Her Tiny Diamond—Then She Shared the Story Behind It That Will “Make You Sick”

Lots of women fantasize about the big fancy diamond: the rock. The iced out band wrapped around your dainty little finger, cut with so many facets that it catches every single ray of sunlight, even on the cloudiest day.

For many, it is the shimmery stone that says you’re his and the status symbol that says “you’ve made it.”

Rachel Pederson is not one of those girls.

In a viral Facebook post, she shared the flack she’s received for not “upgrading” her tiny ring. One person even told her, “You could wear a bigger ring for important events, so people don’t think you’re not successful.”

Well, Rachel’s response detailing her “storybook” love story has just shredded the stereotype behind the “big ring” mentality into tiny little princess cut pieces.

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Her powerful words have ignited a storm of positive reactions from other women championing for the love story gauged by their husbands’ hearts instead of the price tag on their diamond rings.

“I saw women tagging their boyfriends, fiances or husbands, saying, ‘This reminds me of you.’ And I saw the men responding,” said Rachel. “That was really beautiful—that this conversation had given them a reason to show their love and appreciation.”

“Our story energizes people,” Rachel told TODAY. “It reminds them what love is about. And to me, that ring is so much more than a diamond.”

Rachel’s sendoff message for her ring-shamers is clear and simple: “I like to say, ‘It’s a small ring, but a big love.'”

Not to shame big diamonds either, but I’d personally go for one of those “make you sick” love stories over a 3-karat rock any day. Whether you’re showcasing baby little gems or a rock of the ages, let this remind us that the fireworks in our hearts will forever outshine the sparkle of any diamond.

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