11 Things Husbands (Almost) Never Say to Their Wives, but Probably Should

1. Sometimes I say I’m sorry, but I don’t mean it. I just want to avoid conflict… Oh, and intimacy.

2. Sometimes I shake my fist when you turn away after a fight. Sometimes I even give you the bird. I’m broken. And I’m sorry. This time, I mean it.

3. I want to lead you like Christ does the church, but sometimes I don’t know what that means. I’m working on it!

4. I want to fix your problems more than I want to listen to them, but I’m working on that too.

5. It’s a struggle not to lust or look at porn, and I don’t want to share that because I know it might hurt you.

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6. I really do love you more than the kids.

7. There’s no marriage in heaven and sometimes it makes me sad to think about not being your person, but I know Christ is better for both of us.

8. When we’re fighting, I love the kids more than you 🙂

9. I struggle with insecurity. That’s probably the biggest reason we fight, but I don’t know how to communicate it and it feels too risky to share.

10. Even after _____ years, you’re still hot.

11. I’m so thankful our marriage is about glorifying God and not just pleasing each other.

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