This Brave Kid Grew His Hair Out to Look Like a Girl—But The Reason Why Will Melt Your Heart

Christian McPhilamy endured 2 years of being bullied so that he could grow his hair out. Classmates and even adults would make fun of him, calling him a girl because of the way his hair made him look. The teasing definitely took a toll on the 8 year old but it wasn’t enough to keep him from doing it. Christian made the decision to grow his hair out while he was watching tv and a commercial came on for pediatric cancer.


He knew there wasn’t a good chance of him finding a cure or paying for peoples medical bills so he decided to grow his hair out so he could at least donate it to children who had medically-related hair loss.

long hair

On May 20th, he cut of 12 inches of hair and donated it to Children With Hair Loss, which provides free hair replacements for children.


This kid does more than hair. His latest random acts of kindness include donating toys and clothes with his 3-year-old sister along with leaving popcorn packets at Redbox movie kiosks just to help brighten someones day!


His parents response?

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‘Two years ago my son saw a St. Jude commercial that changed his life forever,’ McPhilamy’s mother, 28-year-old Deeanna Thomas, wrote in a Facebook post on the day her son cut his hair off. ‘He chose to do his own research and find a way to help. After 2 years of growing his hair, Christian has reached his goal of donating over 10 inches in 4 ponytails. ‘He has chosen to donate to the “Children with hair loss” foundation. He has endured an awful lot of criticism, and yes even bullying, throughout this time. ‘From his peers calling him a girl to even coaches and family friends telling him he should cut it or offering him money to. ‘Even still, he has never once, strayed from his goal and always took the time to educate others on why he made the choice to grow his hair. I am one proud mommy as always.’