This Hat Is the Only Thing Left of Her Mother—The Reason Why Will Break Your Heart

Unfortunately, it often takes tragedy to ignite change. Nobody ever thinks it will happen to them. But for Jaimie Jursevics’ family, “it” did.

The Colorado State Patrol Trooper’s life was cut short on November 15th when she was hit by a drunk driver. Jaimie was on duty investigating another car accident when she was struck.

The driver who hit her, former Army Col Eric Henderson, said he only had 6 or 7 beers before hitting the road to drive home.

He thought he was fine.

Henderson is now facing multiple charges, including DUI, fleeing the scene of an accident, and vehicular homicide. More tragically, Jaime’s baby girl is facing a future without a mother.

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The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office posted the following heartbreaking picture of Jaimie’s daughter to raise awareness for drunk driving. It has since been shared over 11,000 times:


A “few beers” cost a woman her life, a baby her mother, a husband his wife, and a police force one of its best.

The impactful post truly poses a chilling question: Was it worth it?

The new mom, wife, and dedicated trooper will never be forgotten, as is evident by the outpouring of public support and beautiful memorials in remembrance of her life.

In the words of Governor Hickenlooper: “Colorado sent to heaven one of its best.”


Share Jaimie’s story to help us raise awareness for the danger of drunk driving.

If it saves just one precious baby’s mother, it’s worth it.


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