This Homeless Woman Had No Clue How She Was Being Pranked—Until She Looked in the Mirror


The homeless are often stigmatized as crooks and drug addicts, but the truth is, many of the homeless people in America are veterans, single moms who got laid off, or just people who’ve hit a bad run of luck.

We often think about the need to provide food and shelter for these people, but what about a makeover?

It rarely occurs to us that looking like a Raggedy Ann doll got dragged through a pile of dirt can put a serious damper on your self-esteem and overall livelihood. They want to look nice too.

That’s why the people at Prank it Forward decided to do something amazing for 30 homeless people. The group thought they were just getting a free meal, but instead, they got something WAY better. Most of the makeover recipients could hardly recognize themselves as they looked in the mirror for the first time…and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Talk about getting “pranked” in the best way ever! Check out the amazing results for yourself below.

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