This Man With Down Syndrome Dreamed of Becoming a Body Builder—1 Year Later, His Transformation…

Collin Clark has a dream of becoming a bodybuilder.

And the 22-year-old of Evansville, Indiana is breaking the mold for the Down Syndrome community, as he will soon be competing in his very first bodybuilding competition.

Collin’s passion for weight lifting really started at Bob’s Gym North where he was working behind the desk, but he would sneak away when he got the chance to watch and imitate trainer Glenn Ubelhor.

Collin spent all of last year working relentlessly to get his body in shape for competition. When Ubelhor noticed the boy imitating his poses, he took the 22-year-old under his wing and began to show him the ropes.

Since they started training together, the two have formed a bond that goes much deeper than bodybuilding.

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They have become great friends, and Collin finds immense joy not only in his transformation, but in the loving motivational support he receives from everybody at his gym. The following picture and message he posted to Facebook sums it up perfectly:

“Everyday I train with 110 % of heart and passion and hard work the support from my Bob’s gym family likeGlenn Ubelhor Jennifer Nelson Putnam Jeana Will who believe in me I believe in you we train everyday with heart #nevergiveup #neverquit #staystrong #heart


Ubelhor told Buzzfeed that he’s never seen someone so dedicated. When the pair started working out together, Collin weighed in at over 200 pounds with 30% body fat.

NOW, he’s dropped to 145 pounds with an impressive 10% body fat.

In an interview, Collin said, “I’m so happy to be doing this. Bodybuilding is in my blood and I always wanted to do this, ever since I was a kid.” His mantra is, “Never give up, never quit, try harder, push harder, and just give it your all.”

Collin’s competition is set for November 14th, and he’s more ready than ever.


He won’t be given preferential treatment due to his Down Syndrome, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Though he looks like a totally new person physically, the process has changed him mentally for the better as well. It’s given him a brand new sense of vision, hope, attitude, and general outlook on life.

Best of all, Collin has proven both for himself and others that Down Syndrome can’t stand in the way of his passions. Statistically, he shouldn’t be able to accomplish what he has, but he leaves those stats at the squat rack…


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