This Model Strips Down All the ‘Picture-Perfect’ in Her Tearful “Thank You” Message #TrueRawBeauty

A couple of days ago, Essena O’Neill exposed the dark reality behind social media “perfection” when she added some brutally honest captions to her Instagram model pics. Her message about the emptiness of the supermodel life went viral overnight, and now the former social media queen is reaching out with a broken and beautiful “Thank You” to all those who have supported her through this.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been happier than this moment,” said Essena.

“Two days ago when I released this side, I was really scared. I was scared that no one wants to hear the truth, that everyone’s going to think I’m an attention seeker, that I’m just complaining…but this message, likes, followers, views that were more than a numberit’s going global,” she expressed through happy tears.

The once depressed model is now finding meaning in the things that truly matter, and it’s absolutely beautiful. She stripped down the makeup, the perfect beach-wave hair, the tight dresses and the fancy jewelry.

Underneath it all, THIS is Essena:

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Essena O’Neill | Life Without Social Media from The Essena Archive on Vimeo.

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