This Viral Wedding Pic Is Kickin’ Up Dust for the Best Reason

The Australian outback is known for its scenic beauty.

But that’s not why this wedding photo has been shared over 8,000 times and viewed by nearly 1,000,000 on Facebook.

When bride-to-be, Ingrid Uebergang returned home for her wedding in Western Queensland earlier this month, she had no idea the powerful impact that one dust-clouded wedding pic would have on the world.

Per a recent Rural report, a record 80% of the Western Queensland area has now been claimed by drought, and the results on the region have been devastating. In fact, just a week prior to the ceremony, Uebergang’s family was forced to sell the cattle from their 16,000-acre farm in Blackall because of the financial and environmental hardship induced by the drought.

“Blackall is a pretty important place for me; I’ve grown up there my whole life,” Uebergang told Queensland Country Life. It’s such a beautiful place as well even in the middle of a drought, it really comes alive…And I was really hoping it would rain.”

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While she didn’t receive the wishful weather that few would ever pray for on their wedding day, her photographer gave her an even better gift instead.

wedding pic 2

Source: Edwina Robertson Photography

In witnessing the heartbreaking environmental condition, photographer Edwina Robertson-Cuninghame decided to do some drought damage in the best way on the big day.

She captured a scene of the wedding party trekking across the dusty farm and shared it on her Facebook page with the promise that she would donate $3 for every share to Tie Up the Black Dog, an organization that raises awareness for Australian drought-sufferers battling depression and mental illness.

Robertson Cuninghame not only pledged $15,000 herself, but also managed to raised thousands more for the organization.

She told The Huffington Post “I believe it was successful for two reasons. Having a visualization with a story helped people connect with it much more and I feel it wasn’t just all about doom and gloom. Everyone loves a feel-good story and this had [that] incorporated as well. Everyone involved in this story benefits out of it so it’s wonderful that so many people have seen this!”

Unlike many brides, Uebergang was more than willing to share her big day, and it looks like the results paid off.

She is incredibly humbled and overjoyed that her wedding day was able to draw attention to more than just her and her new future, but to the future of those struggling on the Australian outback.


Source: Edwina Robertson Photography


Source: Edwina Robertson Photography


Source: Edwina Robertson Photography


Source: Edwina Robertson Photography


Source: Edwina Robertson Photography

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