Tim Tebow Just Ditched His Vacation in the Bahamas After Hearing This Devastating News

I don’t know about you, but it would probably take the Jaws of Life to pry me from my beach chair planted in the picturesque sands of the Bahamas.

However, Tim Tebow didn’t think twice about ditching his vacay to visit a friend in the hospital who was wounded in the Orlando mass shooting.

The former Florida Gator quarterback used to play football at Nease High School with Rodney Sumter Jr., who happened to be working as a bartender at Pulse the night of the attack.

27-year-old Sumter tried to escape as the gunman started firing, but he was shot twice in the arms and once in his back (a mere inch and a half from his spine) before he was saved by another patron. A nursing student named Joshua McGill managed to flee the nightclub, but when he spotted the blood-covered Sumter behind a car, he jumped to the rescue.

McGill made a tourniquet from his shirt in order to stop Sumter’s massive bleeding long enough to get him help. As there was no ambulance available, the two rode together in the back of a cop car to get to the hospital. “‘I promise you, God’s got this. You’ll be OK,'” McGill told Sumter.

When Tebow heard what had happened, he quickly rushed to Sumter’s side to further reassure him that “God’s got this.”

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Tebow and Sumter may have gone their separate ways after high school as Sumter headed to Jacksonville University to play wide receiver and Tebow made his mark in the NFL. However, a couple of national championships and a Heisman Trophy weren’t enough to make Tebow forget his roots and his old friends.

“My high school quarterback left the Bahamas to come and see me. Tebow has always been an awesome person,” Sumter shared in an Instagram post that showed him smiling next to his old pal.

My high school quarterback left the Bahamas to come and see me. Tebow has always been an awesome person.

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