To the Girl with the Scars on Your Body


Yah, they’re on your arms

and your legs

and other easier-to-hide spots,

But to the girl with the scars:
You’re more beloved than you know.
I know you wish you could live inside your sleeves
so they wouldn’t have to show,

But when I hug you, I’m not hugging
around your scars.

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I don’t elevate them or love them more than you.

I don’t love your scars, I love you.

I don’t praise your scars but I don’t ignore them either.
What’s a country without a history?
What’s a song without a build?

Every flower that blossoms first curls itself away,
and I anticipate your blossoming.
You’re the most beautiful orchid;
you’re a choir of daffodils
singing yellow songs on the prairie,

you’re more beloved than you know.

~for Eve

Ethan Renoe
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Ethan is a speaker, writer, and photographer currently living in Los Angeles. He has lived on 6 continents, gone to 6 schools, had 28 jobs, and done 4 one-armed pull-ups. He recently graduated from Moody Bible Institute. Follow him at or check him out on Facebook