Toddler Hasn’t Heard Deployed Dad’s Voice Since He Left—Now Watch When She Squeezes This Bear

It’s incredible to think about the sacrifice that is made by some of our very own brothers and sisters to defend and protect our country. Hundreds of thousands of men and women put their lives on the line every day. Many spend months and even years away from their families, missing the precious day-to-day moments that come with raising children.

Drew Bert knows all-too-well what it’s like to spend life away from his family. The husband and father of one is in the Navy, and was once again deployed overseas earlier this year. But not before he left a surprise for the little lady who stole his heart—his daughter, Pia.

Before heading out on his mission, Drew built a bear for Pia that had his voice recorded inside of it. All she has to do is hug the bear, and Pia will hear her daddy’s voice saying, “Hi P, I love you.” It’s the comforting sound of her daddy’s voice that every little girl needs to hear.

Drew’s wife, Kelly, who is pregnant with the couple’s second child, promised her husband she’d wait at least one month into his deployment before surprising Pia with the bear.

Her reaction when she squeezed it for the first time is absolutely priceless!

There’s no doubt that Drew can’t wait to return home and be on the receiving end of Pia’s sweet little squeezes. We are so grateful for the Bert family’s sacrifice. Praying for a safe homecoming later this summer when Drew is reunited with his loving ladies, and the family’s newest addition, who is due to arrive any day now!

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